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HERE COMES THE JUDGE: Now its Marsha Normand or Kent Walston.

The Southeast Texas Political Review has learned that Clinton "Clint" Woods will announce his first run for office for Criminal District Judge - if (when) John Stevens steps down and the Governor appoints Steven's replacement.

The Southeast Texas Political Review, 10-22-2009

Judge John Stevens may or may not get the US Attorney position. He is unsure of what Obama will do or if his administration can get off their ass and get some of these nominations through. Indications are that the answer is no. So - Stevens files.
That leaves two in the lurch. One - being Kent Walston. who was being considered the front runner. And Langston Adams of Port Arthur. Both said to be going to run in the Democratic Primary.

The Southeast Texas Political Review, 10-11-2009

Oh wait, maybe Miriam Johnson will take the bench after she retires from being appointed County Judge to replace Judge Walker who is going to step down early

Media Talk:

We understand from two sources in Dallas - KFDM will go through "a major transformation" in the next three months

Same old song and dance on KFDM

Lot's of people saying that KFDM is hurting

The Southeast Texas Political Review 4-4-2008

529: Days since Philip Klein announced he had discovered the identity of Sam the Eagle.

Monitoring the monitors: Need a good set of tools? :)

Speaking of 4-4-2008:

Bartie - Says he has this thing in the bag. We hope so.

The Klein endorsement= Kiss of Death

This was one of my personal favorites:

It was 1968. The anti war movement was in full swing. Violence all over the United States and an unpopular war. The place was Chicago. The convention was the Democratic National Convention.

And so the question - are we set up for another dark year in history in politics?

The answer is that the democrats have only one way out - and that is to force a union, such as they did with Kennedy - Johnson to avoid a total melt down.

An interesting observation from the head of Klein and Associates, Political Relations, since John Kennedy and Robert Kennedy were both DEAD.


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