Retards Write

Sometimes here at the Review, we have to laugh. We really do. Once again, Philip has bungled his 'Reader Mail'. Lets look at the two letters that were posted on April 6th.

The first is a diatribe about the renaming of local schools that ends with the 'writer' professing their displeasure with Jefferson County:

I moved out of Beaumont, Jefferson County nearly 2 years ago, I hope my children and grandchildren will as well.

Now, the second 'letter' posted AT THE SAME TIME, references the first:
Mr. Klein I have to tell you that you hit it on the head again. I too left Jefferson County for Houston years ago.

Now really Philip, how could she know that the first 'reader' had left Jefferson County since the 'letter' was not yet even posted? The answer is just a few phrases away.

I am successful and have my own business. I met a payroll three times a month and I pay my taxes. Just not in Jefferson County to which I will never ever come back..............oh, I am black.

QUESTION? Why do all of Philip's 'readers' make the same grammatical errors and use the term "met a payroll"?