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FIVE YEARS: Another prediction about the downfall of the Beaumont Enterprise.

The media is bias - the newspaper (Beaumont Enterprise) will be lucky to be in business by December

The Southeast Texas Political Review 2-27-2009

According to one of our sources in the Newsroom at the Enterprise - there is serious ongoing talks that the Beaumont Enterprise may be absorbed by the Houston Chronicle in the next 10 months. The Chronicle would be the paper - however there would be a special insert in every paper called : "Southeast Texas."

The Southeast Texas Political Review 3-10-2009

The Southeast Texas Political Review has learned that Hearst will make "whatever announcement they will make" no later than April 14, 2009. Our sources is a high level source with Hearst.

The Southeast Texas Political Review 4-3-2009

I guess FIVE YEARS is a safer prediction....

THORNE: Still pissed that the Judicial Commission overruled your grievance Philip? He had a stint put in and is resting comfortably. Given the excess LBS you are carrying, you might think about a preemptive quadruple bypass.....

What is a "rhelm" by the way?



US Attorney Will Be Named No Later Than June 15, 2001

Bob Wortham
seems to be the front runner. Wortham was the US Attorney in the Bush administration for years.

"Bob is up there on the list. But there are others that we cannot discuss. We will make the announcement when we make it," our source tells us.

There is a dark horse from East Texas that we have been asked not to mention. He has not made a formal request to be considered, however, sources in the Justice Department tell us that there has been a stealth operation to bring his name up at all opportune times.

Lets just say he lives in Jasper County.

FOR THE RECORD: Matt Orwig of Dallas, was appointed in January of 2002.

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