Jefferson County Racist!!!

In a breaking news story, the STE Political Review has learned that a complaint has been filed with the United States Board of Receiving Complaints claiming that specific policies of Jefferson County government constitute racism.

"I don't really know anything" Said a caller who didn't talk to the Review over the weekend.

Sources close to the happening are reporting that Philip r. Klein, editor of the Southeast Texas Political Review has accused Jefferson County politicos of racism. Klein recently wrote on his website:

You white people are fixing to get a true education on the black man and what he can do with money and lawyers. Lie, cheat and knock buildings down. What a great example for our "childrens" of the district.
We know we live in a county...where the black community is changing history in front of the publics [sic] nose by lying and cheating.

In his complaint, Klein points out that all of the tires on Jefferson County vehicles are black.

"Thar r alet uf whit peeple en Jifferson Cunty end tha cunty vihikls shud hev sum whit tares." Said Klein in an exclusive interview with the Review.

We checked out some county vehicles over the weekend and sure enough, the tires were all black.

Our take?

Just another day in the most corrupt county in Jefferson County.