Today boys and girls, we are going to learn about the word INVESTIGATION. It means that someone is looking at you. It is also one of Philip's favorite words. Let's see:

June 13, 2008:

The Southeast Texas Political Review has been told over the weekend that complaints have been filed with the Texas Ethics Commissioner on Willie Bae Lewis. According to the source, Lewis "violated two election codes."
Late this afternoon, a source in Austin confirmed that Lewis had been filed on and the process of the investigation had begun.


June 27, 2008 (This is one of my favorites):

Purchasing Agent Douglas Anderson III is under investigation by the EEOC for an "Age Discrimination" complaint and a secondary complaint of Anderson being uncomfortable around "Midgets."

RESULT: 1/2 (UPDATE: Here at the Review, when 'we' are wrong, we say 'we' are wrong even if 'we' are wrongly wronged by the wrongness of the wrong. A reader informed us that just this past week, Donna Davis did in fact file suit against Jefferson County for age discrimination. I couldn't find any mention of 'midgets' though)

April 24, 2009

Gordon Greer, who states that he is just a concerned citizen, has a $12,000 lien against him in Hardin County for past taxes due the IRS according to records. As well, he has a justice of the peace judgment against him for $1,200.
As well, the Review has learned of a possible investigation by the postmaster general regarding the use of a meter for mailers that may have violated federal law.


December 19, 2008

Other sources that have called the Review and work at the Jefferson County Courthouse have confirmed that the first woman that was fired as a court reporter, and her now husband who was also fired, have made the decision to file a Sexual Harassment Lawsuit against Jefferson County and Judge Layne Walker.
Furthermore, the husband is contemplating a wrongful termination suit.
A source very close to a practicing lawyer in that court has told the Review that the talk in the particular defense bar that the judge has now been effectively "castrated" and should at least step down during the investigation and litigation.


January 30, 2009

The Southeast Texas Political Review has learned of an investigation regarding a sitting Judge at the Jefferson County Courthouse. And this one may be a big one.
We will start by saying that in fairness to all parties on both sides - we will not release the name of the judge or the employee involved. We will let them release the information as it continues to leak. However, we have learned of the investigation and now we have learned that the Feds may be interested in "taking a look" at the case.


June 26, 2009

Oh boy what a day can mean. The Review has learned that FEMA is not only opening an investigation to an application for grant money for fire equipment made by Cheek - but some "county elected officials and employees who made statements to FEMA regarding the Cheek Fire Department."


May 01, 2009

The fall out continues after David Bellows was sniffed out by area media and this web site as being behind a smear issue and a possible investigation by authorities for using a non-profit postage machine for activities that were not approved by the non-profit being political mailings.


October 10, 2008

The Southeast Texas Political Review has learned early this afternoon that Justice of the Peace Pct. 8 Thomas Gillam is the focus of an investigation regarding an alleged assault against former candidate for Jefferson County Commissioner Court Mark Menard.


October 31, 2008

The Southeast Texas Political Review has learned of an Internal Affairs Division investigation regarding the arrest of a man that is in town to do Hurricane Clean Up.
The accusation from the police department is that the man was arrested for Impersonating A Public Servant in the early afternoon hours of October 2, 2008. Post being arrested, the man, Kevin Greak, asked police to secure his truck in the parking lot of Gateway Plaza. He further asked if the police could call SPCA or the Humane Society to secure his dog which was in the front seat of the truck.


June 1, 2007

Another Web Site appears – “Sam The Eagle USA Blogspot” which begins to post the same type of information as “Operation Kleinwatch.” ...An investigation by Federal Agents and Google Security is begun. The web site is run without a name or responsible party.

RESULT: Oh that GOOGLE Security...

November 05, 2009

The Southeast Texas Political Review has learned this weekend that the Beaumont Independent School District is currently under investigation by two federal agencies. Both deal with taxpayer money that has been misused and possible charges of mail fraud.


......................Philip lies..........