Slime Time

Sometimes around here we have to laugh. We really do.

The STE Political Review has learned that there is a movement in the Nederland area to have Philip r. Klein, editor (who we don't like) removed from the neighborhood due to an investigation of his activities.

"I heard about it." Said an anonymous neighbor who we didn't talk to last night.

Reports from credible sources indicate that Philip's dog, Lucy has been crapping on neighborhood lawns in the Nederland area in direct violation of city codes. And what's worse, Philip is holding her on a leash while she does it.

"I was shocked. What a slimeball!" Said our source at the city attorney's office. "People just can't walk their dogs and let them crap on people's property. It is a clear violation of the law. I will investigate the investigation of the matter immediately."

And what's worse you ask? It seems that Philip has been doing this for some time.

"He's done this for years." Said a caller to the Review that didn't know anything.

Our take?

Just another day in the most corrupt county in Jefferson County.........(WAIT! Is that right?)