In the latest developments in the ongoing Klein v. Gus/Klein v. Sam/Klein v. Google/Google v. Klein/ Klein v. The neighborhood children that keep tipping over his garbage can saga, the Review has learned that international powerhouse GOOGLE will adjust their search engine to account for what is being called "The Klein Factor."

"We are constantly updating our software as world situations change." Said the sister of a cousin of an anonymous source that didn't work at GOOGLE who didn't call the Review over the weekend.

Beginning this morning, all searches for the word IDIOT and MORON will now go directly to Philip Kleins IMDB page. And for only $7.95/month, you too can have one HERE.

"This will give GOOGLE users so many more opportunities." Said an anonymous source that didn't seem to know anything else.

In an unexplained side note, many GOOGLE users have reported that the term FUCKTARD also links directly to Philip's IMDB page as well. We are investigating and will keep you apprised of our findings.