Ask Dr. Van Pelt

With all the talk about tapes running around, we thought we'd let our own Dr. Van Pelt listen to an interesting tape we received from a reader of our old friend, Philip r. Klein, editor.


"This is a most distressing recording. It is obvious from the tone and timbre of his voice that there are some deep seated disturbances in the psyche. My initial impression is malignant narcissism and meglomaniac tendencies with underlying schizophrenic symptoms and more than a hint of trichotillomania. It is obvious that his emotional imbalances have advanced to the level of possible self harm (SH) or self injury (SI).

It is further interesting to note that the request for "medicine" indicates the internal desire for a "quick fix" (QF) and does not necessarily indicate a sincere plea for help.

I think it is of the utmost importance that family members and friends (if there are any) keep a close eye on him. Do you notice any cuts on his arms or legs, particularly in distinct patterns? Does he repeatedly bang his head against a wall? Does he have a fondness for firearms... or fire for that matter?

If any of these are observed, he should be referred to a local mental health care facility immediately."