Local Man Prompts Party Switch

In what is becoming a popular trend, local residents are switching parties, primarily based upon the activities of a single man.

"I switched parties." Said an anonymous person who didn't call the Review yesterday.

Philip Klein, a local political consultant, has had such an effect on citizens that they are leaving parties in droves.

"He came up to the buffet table while my wife and I were looking at the eggroll sauces and literally pushed us out of the way." Said local party goer John Danforth. "He put two handfuls of sausages on his plate and then stuffed the rest in his pocket. I asked Karen who he was and she didn't know. I don't think he was invited."

Klein, editor of The Southeast Texas Political Review and head of The Team to Call When You Really Want to Waste Money (and who we still don't like) has apparently been showing up uninvited to local parties and social gatherings for some time now, raiding the food tables and then regailing guests about his exploits.

"He told me he was an advisor to President Lincoln and that he often flew with him on Air Force One. I don't think Lincoln had a plane. Did he?" Said an anonymous guest with knowledge of the incident.

As a direct result of Klein's influence on local parties, residents are intentionally switching parties. "If he's going to be there, I'm not going." Said at least three hundred people who called the Review this morning. "Besides, this is a birthday party for a five year old. Why would he want to.......oh wait......there are sausages."

Our Take?

Just another day in the most corrupt county is Texas