Jefferson County Politicos Draw Ire of International Film Star

In a breaking story, the STE Political Review has learned that international film star Godzilla has joined forces with Philip Klein of The Southeast Texas Political Review to fight local corruption.

"I am going to help Philip fight the local politicos." Said the actor in an exclusive interview with the Review.

Godzilla, a veteran of almost forty films, met Klein at an IMDB seminar in Los Angeles.

Here is Philip's IMDB page HERE.

Here is Godzilla's IMDB page HERE. (imagine that, Godzilla with an IMDB page.)

Here is Porky Pig's IMDB page HERE.

Charles Manson

Balloon Boy Dad

Patrick McDermott

AND, for just $7.95 per month, you too can have one HERE.

Godzilla took some time out from filming his latest movie GODZILLA VS. THE REALLY MEAN AND NASTY TERRORISTS FROM PLANET KFDM WHO COME TO EARTH TO FIGHT JEFFERSON COUNTY CORRUPTION to comment on his latest commitment to truth and justice.

"Philip told me about the extent of the corruption you have there in Jefferson County and I was appalled. I had to do something." He said, shortly before attacking the courthouse and eating the staff of the county purchasing department.

"Wee r gled 2 hev Gudzulla en ur teem 2 fite tha kurruption." Klein told the Review in a phone interview this afternoon.

You bet we will watch this one!