UH OH!!!!

Over taxed, jobless and simply sick of the corruption - Jefferson County Citizens and their cell phones have started to send in pictures of ...well....aliens..........not doing their jobs.

First up for a weekender - the sleepy community of Bevil Oaks Texas. Just outside of Beaumont - and just on this side of Hardin County - and this note from a Bevil Oaks taxpayer.

".....for months they have come into our neighborhood to hide in the woods near our house. Today they were there from 11 a.m. to around 2:20. I saw them under the trees to stay cool. I got in my car and took a picture of it..................I am a loyal reader of your site and I saw what another reader sent to you with the Beaumont ISD Police officer coming to Nederland in a patrol car to drop off his car to get it fixed. Keep up the good work Mr. Klein. You don't see this kind of thing on the TV."

Philip Klein, editor of the Southeast Texas Political Review, first broke the story this afternoon with a candid photograph of aliens taken in the woods near Bevil Oaks.

"Et es kurruption" Said Klein in a phone call to the Review.

Long the subject of myth and conjecture, extraterrestrials have apparently been among us for some time, working as county employees.

"Aliens have been among us for years." Said noted psyience detective and balloon manufacturer Richard Heene. "It is not uncommon to find them using county owned equipment as a cover for their missions of conquest.

EAGLE'S NOTE: The above photograph, sans aliens, was posted on The Southeast Texas Political Review late this afternoon allegedly 'sent by a loyal reader' who observed it this morning. Interesting to note that Bevil Oaks had close to four inches of rain this morning yet the ground appears distinctly dry.