A Special Message From Sam the Eagle

This morning, Philip Klein managed to divert his attention from internet porn long enough to post the following on his website:

From Beaumont :

woods, for judge? are you kidding me? here's a man that wants to be a judge, with very little felony experience.... the even bigger problem? most everyone in the courthouse knows of his on again off again relationship with a member of stevens staff. guess he needs to get a little closer? i'll bet her husband is about to flip a lid.....
check your sources

Answer : Ouch.....do what? Anyone with information? EMAIL US!

Philip Klein, Southeast Texas Political Review, 10-26-09. Used pursuant to the Fair Use Doctrine 17 U.S.C. 107

Without commenting on the obvious origin of the 'email' (who do we know uses SO MANY question marks?) I would like to focus on Philip's response:

Anyone with information? EMAIL US!

What? Posting such sordid trash without checking it out!!!!!! I am reminded of Philip's rant of a year ago, accusing Judge Walker of having an affair with his court reporter:

Sources close to the court tell the Review that another woman has come forward and "is willing to tell her story too."
Other sources that have called the Review and work at the Jefferson County Courthouse have confirmed that the first woman that was fired as a court reporter, and her now husband who was also fired, have made the decision to file a Sexual Harassment Lawsuit against Jefferson County and the Judge.
Furthermore, the husband is contemplating a wrongful termination suit.
A source very close to a practicing lawyer in that court has told the Review that the talk in the particular defense bar that the judge has now been effectively "castrated" and should at least step down during the investigation and litigation.
"He has lost all credibility with the bar. He has to step down. Anything less is arrogant behavior," said the lawyer.
Sources close to the GOP are now watching the situation as they may have a Judgeship open up in Jefferson County.
Philip Klein, Southeast Texas Political Review; 12-19-2008. Used pursuant to the Fair Use Doctrine, 17 U.S.C. 107.

None of which ever came to pass.

Lest We Forget.......Gilliam v. Klein:

we never had any fear in this suit - the truth is the ultimate defense.

Philip Klein, Southeast Texas Political Review; 5-7-2008. Used pursuant to the Fair Use Doctrine, 17 U.S.C. 107.

Written shortly before your inglorious retraction and settlement with Judge Gilliam.

Philip, your post once again constitutes a reckless disregard for the truth and is grounds for libel. I would go ahead and give John a call....but then again, from what I hear, he's getting tired of hearing from you.

Sam t. Eagle, editor