Local Investigator Says Balloon Boy Alive!---Living in Mexico

The STE Political Review has learned late last night that strong evidence exists that six-year old Colorado balloonist, Falcon Heene is alive and well and living in Mexico.

"He's alive and well" Said a caller to the Review.

According to one investigator with knowledge of the case, the young boy, who reportedly was aboard a homemade balloon that lifted off from his back yard yesterday but was later found hiding in his family's attic, is actually living in Mexico. Philip Klein of Klein and Associates Political Relations, joined the hunt for young Falcon yesterday afternoon and quickly determined that the lad was in fact aboard the balloon and managed to navigate the craft to the Pacific coast of Mexico where he safely landed. Klein, using a secret spider web site called FENDFELCUNHINE was able to trace internet activity to the Mexican port of La Cucaracha where he maintains Falcon ditched the balloon and obtained employment as a deckhand on a tramp steamer.

"He ussid tha intranat end we treced hem." Said Klein in an exclusive interview with the Review.

Klein, also an expert in 'hot air', maintains that video footage of law enforcement officers capturing the balloon in an empty Colorado field was faked by corrupt local government officials in an effort to aide Falcon in his escape. Klein says Falcon had an important spelling test at school that he was trying to avoid.

"He wuz unprapered 4 tha tist." Klein told the Review.

Klein further went on to say that Falcon was safe and had sent him a picture with some new friends he had made.