LAWSUIT TALK with Jay Noble Daggett

Philip's latest self written letters once again extrapolate on the plethora of lawsuits he intends to file against his detractors.

We have come to a settlement agreement with Google and we will have a hearing to determine if any of the blogspot operators (which has now expanded to three more blogspots as of this morning) object. As well - we have expanded the request for certain posts on the internet that have repeated false statements, posted photos that were not used by permission, as well as copyrighted information used on those said sites.

Philip Klein, Southeast Texas Political Review, 10-13-09. Used pursuant to the Fair Use Doctrine 17 U.S.C. 107

Wait, I thought you reached a settlement with GOOGLE last month. Or was that the settlement you reached with GOOGLE last spring. In any event, we thought we'd let our own legal consultant, Jay Noble Daggett, who has represented such noted clients as Mattie Ross of Yell County, Arkansas and U.S. Marshall Rooster Cogburn, take a look at Philip's claims.

Philip has three basic problems with his cause of action:

1) Mr. Klein has filed a discovery petition against blog sites claiming that they have expressed negative opinions about him. In my initial investigation, I found no one that had a positive opinion about Philip Klein. In fact, there were so many people speaking ill of him, I suspect when all is said and done he will have to sue everyone in the United States, including the recently deceased and unborn.

2) Mr. Klein has alleged certain violations of intellectual property law including allegations that his writings and opinions are copyrighted and that the Respondents have violated said copyrights. Having reviewed Mr. Klein's writings at length, I suspect his counsel will have a most difficult time convincing a judge, much less a jury that anything Mr. Klein has ever written or said can be deemed 'intellectual'.

3) An important element of Mr. Klein's case will be damage to his reputation. As far as I can tell, Mr. Klein's reputation is so bad, nothing could make it worse. In fact, I have personally interviewed over seven thousand witnesses who say that the writings of Gus Pilsbury have actually elevated Mr. Klein's reputation to somewhere between social pariah and village leper.

On a personal note, I must say that I am looking forward to examining Mr. Klein's tax returns for The Gadfly Trust which will certainly be requested during the discovery process.