The STE Political Review has learned today that the SET Political Review is reporting despite contradicting reports to both the SET Political Reviews and the SET Political Reviews (God I hate it when you do this) that CAWWBSACCMA (Citizen Activist Who Won't Be Speaking At City Council Meetings Anymore) Allen Lee, is in fact alive. Anonymous sources who didn't call the Review late last night confirm that the former politician was seen leaving the country as early as last week with a napsack and two cans of SPAM.

"He was fine and looked well." Said a caller to the Review who didn't seem to know anything else.

Lee, a controversial critic of local government, was reported murdered yesterday by natural causes by Philip R. Klein of The Southeast Texas Political Review.


The Southeast Texas Political Review and the local media has learned that former candidate for Beaumont City Council and community activist created by the MEDIA - is dead (I know, the idiot didn't give his name....)

Philip Klein, Southeast Texas Political Review, 9-30-09. Used pursuant to the Fair Use Doctrine 17 U.S.C. 107

Allen (not Alan, Philip) Lee, like Philip Klein, has been an outspoken critic of Jefferson County government for many years. Lee was quite proactive in his rebukes of county officials, often speaking at city council meetings and sessions of Commissioner's Court (unlike Philip who just makes up crap and posts it on the internet). Additionally, Lee made three unsuccessful runs for public office including one for County Judge (unlike Philip who just bitches about how he would have to take a pay cut despite the fact that his home is worth less than half of the poorest county employee).

Sources close to Lee tell the Review that Allen is well and safe and has decided to take some time off from politics.........