Ask Dr. Van Pelt

Philip's latest editions to his 'Reader Mail' have been a mixed bag of letters and missives that have 'us' here at the Eagle's Nest scratching 'our' heads. So, 'we' asked Dr. Van Pelt if she wouldn't mind hanging out for a while and looking at some of them.

We have already discussed the self-stroking letters that Philip fabricates. But lets now take a look at the negative letters he's been receiving:

"Klein…….you’re nothing but a little prick and you’re a liar on top of it but not a very good one."

"Your website is the joke of the blogging world. When someone out there exposes your lies and makes you look like the idiot you are, you throw a little tantrum fit, whine and cry and file a lawsuit……what a whining little jerk."

This is a classic example of negative attention disorder in an adult. Here is an interesting take from the Baha'i blog:

It occurs to me that some blogs in the blogosphere exist for the negative attention they receive.
It all starts with a perceived hurt. The blogger decides,"I'll show you, person who hurt me! I'm going to say all the bad things about you I can think of. I'm going to call you names. I'm going to go off on you, and then you'll be sorry!"

The perceived hurt in this case if clearly Philip's having been ostracized from the social and political groups in Jefferson County. Philip lashes out in an effort to get even with those he feels have wronged him.

Those attention seeking adults may do inappropriate things like lying or exageratting. Noted author, M. Farouk Radwan, has an interesting take on adults with negative attention disorder:

Sometimes adult seek attention because of jealousy. When someone finds himself threatened by another person who is drawing all the attention of others he may counter back with attention seeking behavior. Lack of self worth can be another cause for attention seeking behavior, some people think that they are overlooked and so the only solution to restore their balance is to bring back the lost attention. The attention in this case will provide them with reassurance and will act as proof to them that they are worthy.

And here is an interesting letter Philip posted just today:

".............and never have I seen anyone as arrogant as you Mr. Klein."

Arrogant and overconfident people may seek attention because they have the feeling that they deserve to be in the center of attention. Because they aren’t mature enough they still think with their inner child’s mentality which makes them believe that they are the center of the world. Usually the child thinks that he is the center of the universe around which all other objects revolve. If the child’s way of thinking didn’t mature he will grow up thinking that he is the center of the world and so he will be an attention seeking adult.

Narcissists are also attention seekers, they consider this attention a good source of narcissistic supply and so they strive to get it. If you ignored a narcissist he will definitely hate you especially if he was hoping for some attention from you.