In an exclusive report, the STE Political Review has learned that Alien invaders, intent on conquering the Earth and enslaving its population, have abruptly changed their plans and returned home. Anonymous sources who phoned the Review over the weekend told us that scout craft from the planet Lialot abducted a local man and took him to their mother ship, only to return a few hours later.

"I saw him get taken into the craft." Said a caller to the Review who didn't seem to know anything else.

Witnesses state that local private investigator and editor of the Southeast Texas Political Review, Philip r. Klein, was engaged in surveillance operations on a local restaurant dumpster intent upon catching a county employee emptying the trash from their car when the alien spacecraft appeared overhead and spirited Mr. Klien into space. An hour or so later, the ship returned and tossed the bedraggled Nederland resident onto the parking lots amid his cries of "corruption" and "you have to believe me."

A spokescreature for the Lialot Homeworld told the Review that the High Council had reconsidered its plans of conquest after encountering one of the local inhabitants.

"I don't think we want anything to do with this planet." Said Garnac, Supreme Commander of the Fleet. "You've got enough problems of your own with this wacko without having to deal with us."

Our take?

Just another day in the most corrupt county in the galaxy.