Search for Elusive Gadfly Resumes

In light of recent legal developments regarding Philip r. Klein and The Southeast Texas Political Review, the STE Political Review is renewing it's investigation into the elusive Gadfly.

For our new readers, the Gadfly Trust was a 'non-profit corporation' ALLEGED to have been established by Philip some nine years ago.

In 2000 Klein Investments, Inc. in conjunction with Philip and Inga Klein established a Not for Profit Foundation. It was named the "Gadfly" foundation.

The term "Gadfly" was a name given to Philip Klein by the Editorial Writers of the Beaumont Enterprise in 2000 during coverage of the Port Arthur Independent School District Lawsuit in which the Court of Appeals ruled the districts actions "Unconstitutional."

Seizing on the opportunity to make a negative a positive, Klein in coordination with parents, school administrators and his personal legal counsel, J. Keith Stanley attorney at law, funded the foundation. The goal of the foundation is to help children of all ages who suffer from dyslexia in learning how to read. This includes the purchasing of books, learning materials and support for families.

In particular, Klein announced the construction of "Jacob's House"

"The Jacobs House will be our first project. In a private effort between Gadfly, Inc., private donors and corporate sponsors, the first project will be the building of two houses near St. Mary's Hospital and St. Elizabeth's Hospital for family members, siblings and parents of Premature Babies. This house will be a place, a haven so to call it, for family members to rest, visit and stay overnight free so that they can be near their new babies that are in PICU or NICU at both hospitals."

Over the course of the next eight years or so, Philip claimed that he raised close to $100,000.


Yet, NO JACOB'S HOUSE EVER WAS CONSTRUCTED. What's even more puzzling, our own investigative reporter, Beavis was unable to find anything registered with the Secretary of State (search for GADFLY):


He did however find......

........................a hat..................

When 'we' first broke the story last year, Philip r. Klein responded:

we have dropped the Gadfly Foundation Project to the public...we gave over $15,000 to charity projects from our company.

Philip Klein, Southeast Texas Political Review, 10-6-08. Used pursuant to the Fair Use Doctrine 17 U.S.C. 107

The question now is........what happened to the rest of the money. Over the next few months, we here at the Eagle's Nest will be looking into that......