Kleinian Forces Attack!

In a breaking news story, anonymous scouts are reporting that minions of the Southeast Texas Political Review crossed the Eagleland River and engaged forces of Sam the Eagle. Reports indicate that sometime after midnight, Followers of Philip (FOPS) attacked an outpost just to the south of the Eagle's Nest.

"We had several FOPS probe our defenses but we held." Said Sam t. Eagle, editor of the STE Political Review and Commander in Chief of the Eagle's Nest. "The Kleinians use a distinct form of lying that is easy to detect and counter." He added.

Sources who knew absolutely nothing about the battle called the Review late last night indicating that at least one of the Kleinians was injured during the skirmish. "I saw a big fat one fall, and then get up, and then fall again, and then get up, and then take a piss in the river and then vomit. He had a bottle of something...Jack Daniels I think."

It is not known whether Philip r. Klein ordered the assault but sources close to the embattled editor indicate that he was extremely upset that his commanders had underestimated Eagle's Nest forces.

You bet we will watch this one!!