Eagle's Nest Prepares for Kleinian Assault!

In a breaking story, the Sam the Eagle Poltical Review has learned that Philip r. Klein and minions from the Southeast Texas Political Review are massing on the borders intent on assaulting the Eagle's Nest. Anonymous scouts, who called the Review this weekend confirmed that no fewer than 19 Followers of Philip (FOPS) have taken strategic positions along the Eagleland River.

"They are camping on the banks!" Said someone who didn't call the Review late last night. "One of them has a flashlight!"

Sources confirm that Klein (who we don't like), idiotor of the unpopular Southeast Texas Political Review, has been plotting the overthrow of the Eagle's Nest for some time.
"He hates Sam." Said an anonymous caller who didn't seem to know much else.

Representatives of the Eagle's Nest were quick to act.
"We've cancelled the cribbage game this evening." Said Sam t. Eagle (who we like), editor of the Sam the Eagle Political Review. "And posted guards at each of the refrigerators. We'll be ready for Philip......"

You bet we will watch this one!