From the Desk of Sam the Eagle

We get some 2.7 million emails every day here at the Eagle's Nest. Lately its gotten so bad, we've had to ask Gollum to help out (which has prompted some interesting discussions....but alas I digress.) Yesterday, we received one from a Mrs. P (not her real name) that was quite disturbing.

Mrs. P (not her real name) related to us a most harrowing story about her employment of a private detective and subsequent dealings with this individual. We here at the Eagle's Nest could not believe what occurred and wondered what we could do to help.

Mrs. P (not her real name), you should contact an attorney who can better inform you of your rights both civilly and criminally. You should also contact the Texas Department of Public Safety Consumer Information/Complaints Department to file a complaint on this individual. The link is HERE.

Or, you can call them at (512) 424-7710.

I hope this helps.

Sam t. Eagle, editor STE Political Review