Who Reads The Review?

There is much debate about the readership (that's probably a better way to phrase it) of this website. Despite assurances to the contrary, 'we' here at the Eagles Nest keep meticulous records of who visits our little domain on the internet. Thanks to YOU, the reader, The STE Political Review is now the Number One weblog on planet Earth. But just who reads us?

'We' asked our own numbers consultant, 'The Mathematician Formally Known As The Count' to check it out and here is what he found out:

10) German People (For some reason Germans love Sam the Eagle)

9) The dead

8) Fans of the late Lawrence Welk

7) Philip Klein's house (68-206-0-116...how do I know that Philip?)

6) The Jefferson County Courthouse (Now this is interesting because despite what Philip claims, there is no centralized server so nobody can really tell when someone from the courthouse visits a site but we all know .......Philip lies.....)

5) KFDM (thanks David and Stuart)

4) Philip Klein's Office (24-173-39-223)

3) Hot chics in Austin

2) Philip Klein's Office (24-173-39-223) I don't understand why he keeps coming around

and........Number.....One.......(drumroll please).......

1) A fishing boat off the Pacific coast of Mexico......

We also checked the latest figures from WEBSITE OUTLOOK, a company that monitors web traffic to various sites. Philip's numbers are actually down a bit to 196/day. As compared to say......CHANNEL SIX with over fourteen thousand visitors per day.

EAGLES NOTE: Our sincerest congratulations to Mike Aguilar for pulling the rug out from underneath Philip. His report on the new Port Arthur High School found HERE clearly shows that Philip's post last week "21 Days" is just more of his claptrap bullshit. By the way, your daily readership is looking good at 263/day.