A Special Note From The Editor

This past week, 'we' posted a message on the TROG board posing a few questions to Philip Klein:

I read many of the local blogs and enjoy them. I find it quite amusing that so many people hate Philip Klein. Philip, you have had a website for many years now. What exactly have you accomplished other than a large number of people spitting at the very mention of your name. Really, is that how you want to be remembered? To effect real change, you should run for office and put your reputation where your mouth is. If this county is so corrupt, stand up, say so, and see if the voters believe you. Otherwise, you are nothing more than a loudmouth nobody.

Philip wasted little time in claiming that someone from Beaumont emailed it to him (lets not go into that right now) and was kind enough to answer some of the questions.

How do I answer such a great note. Maybe one of the best I have seen on this web site or any of them. Honest and asking great questions

Well coming from you Philip, 'we'll' take that as a compliment though for some reason I feel like I just kissed my sister (or brother as you like). In any event, I thought I'd spend a little time with your answers.

I have never ever set off to accomplish ANYTHING by this site

Really? It would appear to most that you use it to broadcast your agenda of revenge against those who have slighted or maligned you over the years. Your tirades against Tom Maness and Larry Thorne are but a few classic examples.

All I need is my three goals - God, Family and everything else.

OK, verb tense aside, I get the first two, but the third is a little vague.

That is part of you libs thinking again that you have to be popular -

I am not liberal.

I just don't and never have had hate like that for anyone.

Oh, I disagree. Read some of your own words sometime (we're not going to talk about the time you threatened to drive a knife into my heart while you looked into my eyes.)

Effect real change? Well well. Change? Boy have we heard that liberal crap. And that is what it is - crap.

So I take it you'll just continue to malign people on the internet, posting lies and falsehoods as you see fit? Upton Sinclair, the great muckraker, (who you should more than appreciate) wrote: "American capitalism is predatory, and American politics are corrupt: The same thing is true in England and the same in France; but in all these three countries the dominating fact is that whenever the people get ready to change the government, they can change it." HERE is a wonderful website you should spend some time reading.

"How would a person like me - who has a low tech web site and cannot spell effect change? Hmmm...let me think - maybe by keeping them on their toes?"

Ah, so you do have a purpose after all. I agree with your mission to watchdog local government but your technique is atrocious. Libeling public officials, government employees, their families, and anybody else who happens to have pissed you off using unsubstantiated rumors, innuendo, and outright lies is despicable.

It might be good enough for another 10,000 hits. We will see of course.

So this is just a big attention thing for you?

You see you liberals that want everyone to like you and you feel-

Again, I am not liberal.

I just don't care other than business wise and family wise.

I don't think anyone believes that.

Sam t. Eagle, editor