Oh Those Dastardly Public Records

Philip's latest 'editorial' "What Judge" is yet another string of prolixic spewings from the mouth of a lying imbecile. To get to the bottom of this, we sent our own Drunk Fat Chic (as Beavis was still indisposed with a can of paint thinner) down to the courthouse to check out some of those divorce records Philip mentioned.

"I don't know what the Sam hell he's complaining about. The worthless son of a bitch owed over two grand when his ex took him to court. What a sack of $%^%$!"

Sworn court documents in Klein v. Klein Number C-0154240 confirm that Philip was in fact in arrears $2321.50 when his ex-wife filed a Motion for Enforcement of the Divorce Decree despite Philip's claim that:

"I paid my child support out of my paychecks for the period that my children were in their mothers possession - just like thousands of dads that pay and pay on time."

"Of course, this was about the time that the worthless claphead was bankrupting everything he touched." The Drunk Fat Chic added. "What's even worse, the Judge gave him a break. I'd a drug his worthless ass underneath a semi. That's what I did to my fourth husband and boy let me tell you, he was never late again."

Before vomiting on the court's file, our intrepid correspondent confirmed that official court documents filed by Philip did in fact claim he was UNABLE TO PAY his child support despite overwhelming proof and Judge Larry Thorne's finding to the contrary.

"Philip had money. He was just hiding it." Said a caller to the Review. "Judge Thorne gave him plenty of time to pay it back. Philip just didn't want to. I think he had a new girlfriend or something...no wait, that was when he put the AC in the dog house I think."

Philip goes on to say:

Did I get convicted of 30 civil contempt charges? You bet ya!

"What a lying sack of shit!" Barked our own Drunk Fat Chic upon reading Philip's post. "The Judge NEVER signed the contempt order. Talking about a lousy, mother $%&$$&**(, no good piece of----BBBBAAAARRRFFFFFF!!!!"

Our Take?

You should know by now.....

............Philip lies..........