On Grammar and Spelling

Normally, 'we' don't do this because.....well, everyone makes mistakes (some more than others) but when Philip insists on "talking educated", 'we' just can't refuse.

Our beloved editor's latest verbal spar is with a 'reader' who objects to Philip's object racism in his use of the term "childrens".

"and readers here is the perfict [sic] learning experence [sic] for all of you - it is kind of like setting the ball on the tee and knocking it out of the park -"

Philip, before you 'go about lernin others, I reckon you should go about lernin youself.' PERFECT does not have an 'i' while EXPERIENCE does. Before you 'knock the ball out of the park', make sure you don't trip on the way to the plate.

"So when you get the elected officials, those that run the districts and the teachers say [sic] it? Well? Yes I am making fun of them. I guess I am mocking them."

Philip, since the action is ongoing, the present continuous tense of the verb 'say' should be used, as in 'saying'. There should also be a comma after district since the phrase modifies 'officials.' Perhaps you should quit mocking them and sit in on a class or two.

Philip then quotes General Patton (why, 'we' are not sure but he does that sometimes):

If everyone is thinking alike, then someone isn't thinking..

While Patton was a competent general, he was not the best statesman. Perhaps everyone is thinking alike because that is the correct answer.

And then, in typical Kleinian form, another rapid change of subject:

Okay - let me help you - the ROACHES are those that say one thing and then get caught doing another.

I'm not following you here Philip. I couldn't find that definition anywhere. Try 'hypocrite'? (But then again that word tends to sting a bit doesn't it?)

He concludes his tongue lashing with yet another statement of self-aggrandizement:

a web site can be so successful that it is well over 2 million pages views in one year.

Switching to math are we? In that case, shouldn't it be three million by now. Or hell, lets just make it and even six...but who's really counting?