Too often in this business of internet blogging, 'we' let the people behind the scenes go uncredited. This past week, a reader alerted 'us' here at the Review to some very important facts. While Philip Klein (who we don't like) was out taking pictures of cops getting their oil changed, our very own alpha geek 'Scotty' was busy tweaking our search engine arrays.

'We' are happy to inform all our readers that The Sam the Eagle Political Review is now:

NUMBER 5 on all the web searches for "Sam the Eagle" (even higher than the official muppet page)

NUMBER 4 on all web searches for "Southeast Texas Political Review"

and NUMBER 1 on all image searches for "retards write"

'We' are also thrilled to report that our dear friend, Gus Pilsbury, (who we like) is NUMBER 1 on all web searches for Philip R. Klein.

This means that people all over the world can now see what an absolute buffoon Philip Klein is and share in the absurdity that is his life.

A copy of this post is also being cc'ed to Salient Media......