Oh what a week for Philip:
Less Spending= Less Intelligence---Philip still has no concept of large numbers. His 'article' about the City of Beaumont's budget was an absolute farce since he was off by about 200 million dollars. Stupid is as stupid does.
KBH---Did you get your invite yet?
Vi Out---Gus got this one two weeks ago HERE.
NUMBERS, NUMBERS, NUMBERS---DOWN, DOWN, DOWN. Despite what Philip says, Daily visitors to His Review are at 127 HERE.
DMCA---We're still waiting..............(crickets)
John Kerry For VP - They are floating it this afternoon.
Do people actually pay you for this crap?
In an interview with a high ranking police official this past week, a call is being made in the backrooms of police stations across Jefferson County for District Attorney Tom Maness to step aside
Another quality source I see...
Have a Great Weekend.
Sam t. Eagle, editor.