Philip Klein to Appear on National Television

ABC announced today that a new version of Extreme Makeover Home Edition would premier this fall with a more medical theme. Extreme Makeover Brain Edition is a spinoff of the hit series focusing on helping the mentally challenged in their everyday lives.

"We want to try and show that morons and idiots have a chance in this life." Said Ty Pennington, host of the popular show.

Utilizing new techniques in transplant surgery, the show takes mental cretins, half-wits and imbeciles and provides them with a new brain.

"Its exciting stuff." Said an anonymous doctor who didn't call the Review this weekend.

After a nation wide search, ABC executives selected Philip r. Klein (who we still don't like) of Nederland,Texas, to be the subject of the first episode.

"We couldn't imagine a better candidate." Said chief surgeon Ipstar Una Afganghini who chose Mr. Klein after briefly examining a CAT image:

The episode, set to air in early September, will show the surgical team's valiant attempts to track down and locate Philip r. Klein's brain, remove it with state of the art microscopic forcepts, and then replace it with a genetically enhanced potato:

"We're excited about this technology." Added Dr. Afganghini. "This potato will have some thirty times the computing power of Mr. Klein's current brain.
Philip Klein was unavailable for comment but a spokesman for Salient Media stated that he was excited to appear on national television and looked forward to telling the world once again about his search for Patrick McDermott.