What Really Happened??? The Rest Of The Story...

For the past week or so, Philip has been on yet another tirade. The focus of his latest dysenteric wrath you ask..... A politico perhaps? Nope. An elected official then? Not quite. The family member of an elected official? Keep trying. An employee of an elected official? You are getting a bit warmer. I give.........

The target of Philip's latest assault on society is none other than a seventeen year old girl. Yes. And what heinous crime did this purveyor of doom befall upon civilization and thus provoke Philip's ire? She had some friends over while her mother and stepfather were out of town. (GASP!!!!). But was she alone one might ask? The answer to that dear friends is NO. Her step grandmother was there...a Mrs. White (that should keep you busy for awhile Philip...) And was Mrs. White drunk?

Parents were drunk?

No, Philip, Mrs. White doesn't drink.
Now normally, this would be of no great consequence, unless of course one lives in Kleinland where such conduct is a capital offense...that is if one's stepfather is a government employee working for Philip Klein's sworn enemy...Tom Maness.

Mr. Maness...You are a disgrace to your office and I for one am going to see that you will be un-elected...It may take me years to do it, but I have the fire in my belly to get it done.

Apparently there was some loudness going on an one of the neighbors called the Sheriff's Department. (GASP AGAIN!!!) A sober adult was present, things quieted down and they left.

Ah, but our illustrious politico from Nederland sees this as yet another opportunity to attack the society that has ostracized him so. From the man who referred to a dying Pope as a 'drooling zombie' and dead student atheles as 'smelly little girls' we get yet another round of name calling:

Ah, there is the child's crime! She is a 'rich brat' and therefore is not dragged from her grandmother's arms by the evil corrupt deputies.

Flashback: Some time in the past, a house in the West End of Beaumont.---home of corrupt politicos and henchmen of the man. Police are dispatched to the address of a prominent local pharmacist after a fight between a teenage boy and his mother.

The police investigated it. The crime scene folks took their pictures. The detectives investigated it and wrote up their report

Were charges filed against the boy? No.......Was it because his stepfather was an upstanding member of the community...or perhaps it was the influence of his grandfather, a prominent businessman? Did they know his father ran a kooky weblog in Nederland? Was he too a 'rich brat'?

Ask no more. You get a true taste. Corruption breeds corruption. And so it is said - so it is written. Case closed.

No, what you get is a true taste of a bitter and hateful man who has lost touch with reality.

EAGLES NOTE: A special welcome back to our friend Gus Pilsbury.