Philip Klein and the Walk of Fame????????

Sometimes around here we have to laugh, we really do. A reader alerted us to one of Philip's 'goofy' claims in one of the responses to the letters he writes to himself:

The IMDB? The Internet Movie Data Base? Philip Klein was in the movies? NO....

Well, we sent our intrepid reporter Beavis over to do some snooping at the home of all things Hollywood and low and behold, there he was PHILIP KLEIN.
"Dude, like he's got a page and everything. It's almost as cool as MINE"
Beavis told us over the phone.
Our curiosity now in overdrive, we contacted IMDB. A pleasant young woman named Cindy politely informed us that that for $2.50/ month ANYONE can have an IMDB page simply by registering HERE. (NO!!!! Say it is not so!!!!)
According to our sources, Philip is trying to get a gig at the Food Network:
"It would appear from where I was watching that Mr. Klein would be most excellent at locating a Taqueria or an all-you-can-eat burrito buffet... Almost seems that Mr. Klein should have been “pitched” to the cooking channel." Said noted Los Angeles detective John Nazarian.
Other notable IMDB pages include:
and of course Yours Truly.
We could NOT locate pages for:
Thirty year weatherman and national consultant on Gulf Coast hurricanes, Greg Bostwick:
Nobel Prize winner Willy Brandt;
or Chicago Cubs fan Steve Bartman.