Lets get started...

THE BAYOU---Looks like Philip got busted trolling again. 'We' thought you always signed your name. Really Philip, racism is never funny. Not sure who your current 'nom de plumes' are but a tip says they have a lawyer. Don't think they're a public figure either. You probably need to apply for another SBA loan so you can pay your attorney fees.......more fun for Philip. (Yes, that is part of Philip's office IP by the way.}

THE BEAUMONT HERITAGE SOCIETY---You should know better than to fax Philip something. We love what you've done to the Chambers House by the way.

JIM RICH---Philip take something out of context.....NOOOOO!!!!!!
POLL---Philip, if you have a kagillion hits per day, why is your poll only averaging 11 votes per day?


"Unemployment figures are out and you guessed it, they still hover at double the State average."

Gee Philip, aren't they now BELOW the NATIONAL average?


"Seems that rumors of retirement of County Commissioner Cokinos is untrue. The rumors started floating last week. Nothing to it."


"The Southeast Texas Political Review, Klein Investments, Inc. and Philip R. Klein announced this morning that they have decided to take their claim to the United States Supreme Court."

...still patiently waiting for the opinion are we?????

"John Davis - He will get 20 years. Previous felony convictions matter."

He got what...14 MONTHS....

Have a great holiday. And Philip, leave those people alone...