Retards Write

DISCLAIMER: Retards Write is a patent, trademark, 'copyrite' of STE Enterprises and the Eatafly Foundation. Any implications or inferences that Philip Klein writes his own Reader Mail, however pathetic, are purely intentional.


Dear Sam, I want to thank you for writing the truth about our county. I tell others about your site and they don't believe it. I used to not believe that I believed but now I believe that I believe at least part of what I used to not believe. Believe it or not.


Thanks....I think. We here at the Eagle's Nest are proud of our county and feel we have a responsibility to post what is true. With over 4.7 billion web hits just today, we think others believe it too.


Dear Sam, I read an article that said this area was on a list of top place to start over in. What do you think? Why doesn't Philip talk about some of the good in this area?


I'm not sure about the list but I think times are tough all over. Philip doesn't talk about the good in anything because he is a wicked person with a black heart.


Sam, I am still waiting for Philip to post the photograph of the person that stole his sign. When is he going to do that?


Silly, silly, silly. You should know by now...

......Philip lies........