Klein the Racist

Last week, Philip wrote:

"Jefferson County has racial issues! No kidding?...Who cares what color they are? Can they do the damn job and not be stupid and act like kings and queens? Why lie about the numbers? Or at least update them??? Racial???

Lastly, you would have to be blind, dumb and stupid not to see the racial issues. Look at the Concealed Handgun Permit Requests in this county. Look at the crime? Look at who is committing the crime? Look at the unemployment and who is unemployed? Come on Jim - be honest."

Ah, but lets look at some posts from Philip on some local blogs:


The only thing Beaumont is rich with is crime and African Americans selling drugs.

No wonder with all the blacks here that syphilis is on the rise!

We are still waiting for the Port Arthur blacks to come to Lumberton and burn it down because of Kevin LaDay and his PCP habit.

speaking of blacks, where is that monkey ass Sandra Laday. she said she and Quanel x were coming back to Lumberton and were going to burn it down. I have not seen them back.

...and just one other thing about these damn porch monkeys from Pt. Arthur trying to overrun our city......we will run you out of Groves like the people of Lumberton ran Sandra LaDay and Quanell X out of there.

Philip, racism is never funny. Look around you. You are the problem. You are a wicked man with an evil heart who will never learn.

Sam t. Eagle, editor