Retard Writes......

Sometimes we just have to laugh around here, we really do. Once again, Philip touts his own idiocy on the internet for all to see. Lets look at his latest post on Trog's blog (no pun intended)

Philip writes:

"As I normally do not post on these sites - I find it interesting of the vast conspiracy that I am commonly accused of."

Later that afternoon, one Stuart Sepaugh (who we like and is not a bad drummer) sends Philip (who we don't like and is not a good person) a scathing email. Philip of course can't resist the negative attention (Dr. Van Pelt has discussed this at length) and posts it to his READER MAIL. NOTICE THE TIME STAMP (8:17 p.m.)

First, Stuart, never send Philip anything. That's just like giving a pyromaniac (I don't think we've addressed this with Philip but perhaps we should) a flame thrower.

Second, if you choose to send him something, don't use big words or numbers. He won't understand.

But what is truly funny about Philip is this post on Trog's Blog. NOTICE THE TIME STAMP 7:20p.m. ALMOST ONE HOUR BEFORE Philip posts Stuart's email on his website:

Silly, Silly Philip...when are you ever going to learn. Stuart, while your intentions are justified, you must remember what we preach here at the Eagle's Nest everyday...

.........Philip lies.........