Jefferson County Corruption Garners Divine Attention---A MUST READ!!!

The STE Political Review has learned today that corruption in Jefferson County has attracted not only the attention of State and Federal authorities, but also the Lord.

"He is not pleased." said an anonymous angel that phoned the Review late last night. "If what he read is true, I would suggest you start looking for gopher wood."

Responding to a fax from Philip r. Klein, editor of The SET Political Review, God dispatched the legendary Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse to investigate local politicians, politicos, officials, plaintiffs lawyers, and used book salesmen.

"There are some unexplained issues here and we're going to find the answers." Said Famine, sitting atop his black Breton stallion.

Sources close to the investigation tell the Review that no one is above scrutiny and that the Four Horsemen are leaving no stone unturned. "I saw one of them taking apart the pump at the Nederland municipal pool." said a caller to the Review. Our source at the county emailed and said; "The one with the big sword was chewing the gumballs at the courthouse. Wow!"

Our take?

Feds, lawsuits, divine intervention...summer fun

You bet we will watch this one.