A Special Editor's Note

The members of the Sam the Eagle Political Review deny any involvement in posts regarding individuals of Philip Klein's family. An examination of the local blogs DID NOT reveal any posts from any individuals of Philip Klein's family. Our examination did however turn up several posts of a derogatory nature attributed to a family in Groves that has filed a complaint against Philip Klein. These posts originated from IP addresses registered to Philip Klein's office 24-173-39-223, and his home 68-206-0-116. This information has been turned over to Federal, State, local authorities and adjusters for GEICO.

The Sam the Eagle Political Review is a parody site that makes fun of Philip Klein.

At this time, we refuse to comment on our involvement in; the kidnapping of the Lindbergh baby, the assassination of John F. Kennedy, the breakup of the Beatles, and global warming.

UPDATE: The Eagles Nest has been informed that the Blogger ID in question was removed by GOOGLE. Philip Klein writes:

"This morning - Google Security acted and took down her picture - as well took down the account."

The account in question as taken from The SET Political Review is located HERE.

One would think that GOOGLE would know how to spell VIOLATION.

We here at the Eagle's Nest are looking into the matter.