There have been a bunch of questions from POLS this last week to the Review. And we got a bunch of mail from readers that want us to talk about the place called The Southeast Texas Political Review. For a couple of reasons....but first let's flashback a couple of times :

FLASHBACK: Philip Klein is accused of portraying himself as a federal agent (which is a crime). Complaints are filed. Philip gets angry and starts accusing the accuser (and her family) of a long list of atrocities.

FLASHBACK: Posts are posted on local blogs accusing people of cleaning their ears with pencils, picking their noses in public, and having sex with small animals. These posts are traced to Philip's home computer and his office computer.

FLASHBACK: Chrysler stock rebounds from $3.00/share to almost $30.00/share following Lee Iaccoca's appointment as Chief Executive Officer.

The SETPR accuses the STEPR of posting libelous comments about the SETPR from outside of the walls of the STEPR despite assurances from the SETPR that the STEPR would never do such a thing.

Okay .... back to present day.

That got us thinking about a few things. Really it did. And it is not personal - it is political. The Philip Klein really the political powerhouse that he says he is - or is he really "behind the curtain" a failure that is now exposing itself to the public?

The Review examined a GOOGLE Identity allegedly set up by the STEPR located HERE. Now despite further assurances from Philip Klein that the identity was taken down (and we have no reason to disbelieve him except that its still up and he mispelled VIOLATION), we decided to contact GOOGLE SECURITY. Pursuant to a FOIA request, the Review received the following transcript from a phone call from Philip Klein:

GOOGLE: Hello, This is Google Security, may I help you?

Klein: Yes, this is Philip r. Klein, editor in chief and private investigator from Dateline NBC

GOOGLE: Hello again, Mr. Klein, how can I help you this time?

Klein: Someone is saying bad things about me and spreading lies on the internet and I need to stop it.

GOOGLE: But don't you say bad things and lie about people yourself?

Klein: Well, those lawsuits were only from corrupt politicos in a corrupt county....I just couldn't prove they really did it.

GOOGLE: I understand. Mr. Klein, will you please hold for a moment...

Klein: Hello???

Klein: Hello???

Klein: Hello???

Our take?

We have said it before and we will say it again.......

.............Philip lies...........