"No More?"---Not Quite

Philip's latest attempt to bring mayhem to the streets of his home may be just a bit premature. His latest spewing of verbal diarrhea is nothing more than a bed of lies.

"The Southeast Texas Political Review has learned that effective August 30, 2009, Statcare EMS - who provides EMS service for Rural growing Jefferson County will cease responding. A formal letter has been sent by company representatives to county officials who have kept the letter under guard."

"People are going to die on the streets and I do not think that people understand. If you get in an accident, boating accident or if you simply live out of a city - you no longer will have an ambulance coming if you have an emergency," said a local fire department official.

Oh look, another anonymous source. Which fire department was that Philip. Did you call Labelle -Fannett? If you did, they would tell you that they have two fully functional ambulances. How about Hamshire (notice the spelling, there is no 'p') with another two ambulances. And just next door, Winnie has two ambulances making it an even half dozen (that's six Philip). By the way, how is that lady you ran over?

Philip now attempts to convince others that he actually did some research:

The Review contacted a representative of Acadian EMS - who told us that they do run calls in the county but currently do not have the resources to provide full service to Jefferson County.

Well, that's interesting because that not what Acadian says HERE , just two weeks ago.

Our take?

....................Philip is full of shit.....................