Lies and Innuendo

Philip's latest rant is yet another example of personal bombast with a hodgepodge of lies and contradictions designed for one purpose and one purpose further his jihad against Tom Maness

The Southeast Texas Political Review has confirmed that a party was undertaken at criminal assistant district attorney Ed Shettle's home this past weekend in the 8800 Block of Bayou Den Drive in rural Jefferson County

First Philip, its 8817 Bayou Din Drive, but then again specifics (or spelling for that matter) have never been your long suit have they?

FLASHBACK: Tom Maness refuses to prosecute Philip's first wife's new husband for disciplining Philip's son after a heated and disrespectful altercation with his mother. Philip writes:

"You are a disgrace to your office and I for one am going to see that you will be un-elected. I am going to use this case to the point that everyone in Jefferson County knows that you sir play politics and do not stand in the firm eye of the Law.

You do not represent the people. Only a few people that you select. I will, my company will, my friends will and I can tell you anyone who will listen will do whatever it takes to get your job and put a man in there that will do his job without political pressure.
It may take me years to do it, but I have the fire in my belly to get it done.

Oh, and Mr. might be asking yourself why a politico from Nederland is so upset with you?

The answer Mr. Maness?

That boy was my son.

Welcome to my world Mr. Maness. Your time has come!

I do find it interesting that Philip referred to himself as a 'politico' when he seems to have such a distaste for that term but I digress.

Yesterday, Philip posted yet another 'expose' regarding corruption in Jefferson County by alleging that Ed Shettle had an 'underage drinking party' at his house.

According to the sources - the home is owned by ADA Ed Shettle who was said to be out of town at the time of the party. According to law enforcement sources - it was the deputies that responded decision not to cite those who had been drinking and who were obviously drunk due to the fact they were ordered not to by superiors.

Today however, Philip touts yet another tale better suited to his agenda:

My daughter said the police spoke to Mr. Shettle and then told everyone to tone it down and be safe and left," said the caller to the Review.

Wait, I thought you said Mr. Shettle was out of town. Are these the same sources that said Layne Walker was being sued for screwing everyone in the courthouse? Six months later we still await your predicted lawsuit with baited breath.

But the idiotic contradictions don't end there:

A police officer that spoke with the Review that demanded anonymity stated : "We simply follow our orders. Kids were drunk. Kids left the party drunk. Parents were drunk.

Yet today, those same 'sources' state:

Another told us : "These kids are all under age. They were all drinking and drunk. The law turned their back on them and so help me if one of them would have been killed the blood would have been on Shettle and Jefferson County."

I'm really confused now...I thought the parents were there and they were drunk. One can extrapolate the true orgins of Philip's so called sources with this comment:

Is that what the DA's office and Jefferson County [sic] in a message?

Really Philip, do you expect us to believe that all your 'reader mail' is written by dyslexic fifth graders?

Plain and simple - it is CORRUPTION.

More of Philip's same old song and dance. Jefferson County bad...Tom Maness bad...Philip Klein good. Here's a challenge for you Philip.

The pictures are up on FACEBOOK

Post them with the link... And then post the picture of the guy that pilfered the sign from your front yard, the photo of the BISD cops using their cars to drag race, Ron Walker nabbing gumballs from the courthouse machine, the Roswell aliens...