Philip's latest rant about an "Underaged Drinking Party" has left us all here at the Eagle's Nest scratching our heads. Philip writes:

"According to sources inside the Sheriffs Office - a party was held on Saturday night in far West Beaumont near Fannett. Police from the Jefferson County Sheriffs office were dispatched and arrests were beginning when it was discovered that the residence was at a Jefferson County Assistant District Attorney's residence. In such, supervisors were called and no arrests were made and the home owner was not cited or arrested for minors in possession or alcohol to a minor."

Philip goes on to note:

"The home is owned by ADA Ed Shettle who was said to be out of town at the time of the party"

Well Philip, that would make it somewhat difficult to arrest him now wouldn't it? But that's not what has us so confused here at the Eagle's Nest. No...Our ever so alert detective notes that...

"...Parents were drunk."

Now Philip, if the parents were drunk, how is it an underaged drinking party.

Our take?

..............Philip's an idiot.............