Readers Don't Write

Apparently jealuosy has taken over The Southeast Texas Political Review. This morning, Philip took it upon himself to answer letters to the Beaumont Enterprise. I found this one hilarious....

" Brigit...thanks for the letter."

Philip, she didn't write it to you. It's no wonder that Philip has to make up his own Reader Mail. Here are some of his responses:

"Put down the Kool-aide. It tastes good but it is hard to get that silly red mark off your lips." (In actuality, Jim Jones gave his followers purple FLAVOR-AIDE)

"Are you stuck on stupid?" (and this from a guy who failed out of college)

"Are you racist...?"

"Holy crap Alan..."

"Victoria? What?"

"Stevo! Are you on drugs?"

"A half black is in the Whitehouse now!...And cut the black man crap out. Please." (I found that somewhat hypocritical)

"Have you ever thought you are part of the problem."

"...a long line of wonderful Jefferson County Residents that either do not get it or want something for free."

I thought this one was particularly appropriate though:

"If you do not like it haul ass where you came from!"

Philip, why don't you format your Reader Mail like the Enterprise does? But I guess 'From Philip in Nederland' would look rather silly on all the letters.