THIS JUST IN......Children Hate the Philip Kleins Too!!!!!

In a turn of events that is NOT surprising for those of 'us' here at the Eagle's Nest, the Philip Kleins have been removed as special consultants for the local school district due to some communication problems with local school children. Jamas Assan Thumupurassss has confirmed that the Kleins were asked to leave the premises of a local Kindergarten after their presence spawned some riotess behavior.
"I am standing here beside myself not knowing what has occurred..." said the assistant to the assistant to the assistant. "He was such an abominable bore."
Early today, school officials were called to Miss Thumwinkle's kindergarten class where the Kleins were discussing gun control. "They made Gabriel cry" said student Ellisa Rogers, describing the lecture the Philips were giving on 'shooting neighbors'.. "They told him his parents should get the %$@$&^% out of here and go back to Israel. Where is Israel...?
It was reported that the Philips then referred to the students as "those smelly little kids" prompting outrage from parents and administrators alike.
When asked about the incident, the Philips responded somewhat incoherently; "Thez kidz neeed 2 leern sum rezpekt. Wee hav ur kniv and wee will us it".
This is a political hot spot that needs to be watched. We will.....
Sam the Eagle