BREAKING NEWS!!! The Anonymous sue The Philip Kleins!!!

Anonymous sources who shall remain anonymous have confirmed today that the Anonymous have filed a class action lawsuit against The Southeast Texas Political Review and its renowned editors, The Philip Kleins. According to secret sources, many of whom are unspecified, The Anonymous have accused the noted online Blog of libel and slander.
"We are sick and tired of the stuff they quote us as saying" said John Doe, nameless spokesperson for the innomate group. "I mean really, as often as they quote us, you would think we live with them."

John St. Stephen John, attorney for the Kleins denounced the suit as baseless. "My clients quote non-existent people all the time...whats the big deal?", Mr. St. Stephen John told reporters. 'This suit is another of the long list of baseless accusations against my clients."
In an ironic twist, one of the Philip Kleins was accidently hired to serve the suit on the Philip Kleins (I'm getting confused again with all this plural stuff....please stop.....) and was forced to pull out a pistol and point it at himself/themselves to force him/them to accept the papers.

A political hotspot.....we will be watching

Sam the Eagle