BREAIKING NEWS!!!! Local Private Detectives to consult with troubled youth!!!!

Renowned local private detectives and editors of THE SOUTHEAST TEXAS POLITICAL REVIEW, the Philip Kleins, have been hired as 'consultants' to help counsel some of the troubled youth in our area schools. Some people that 'we' know in the school system who 'we' called and talked to this weekend (not really but it sure does sound good doen't it?) told 'us' that the intrepid Kleins will spend the entire week talking to some kindergarteners (who shall reman anonymous due to their namelessness and what not).
"We really thought the kids would identify with the Kleins" said Jamad Assan Thumupuraaaaasssss, assistant to the assistant to the assistant. "The Philips are very good at communicating with REALLY YOUNG PEOPLE".

"Thez r gud kidz" the Kleins said, when asked about the problems of todays youth. "Thei jusst nead sum gidence."

It is not known what the Kleins will discuss during their week long seminars but an anonymous source who shall remain anonymous on the grounds that their anonymity is imperitave to maintaining their nameless status in their incognito state, have speculated that he WILL NOT DISCUSS the recent suicide of Lucy 23.

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