GET SMART??? (Not likely.......)

Some local private detectives have been recruited by noted ‘intelligence’ agency "CONTROL" to fight the forces of "CHAOS". The Philip Kleins, most renowned editors of The Southeast Texas Political Review, were shocked when they received the call. "We dednt no wat too sey" said the Kleins when asked about the invitation. "We hete caos almust az muchh az tat egle gui. Iz he heer? We hez ur nife".Edward Platt, senior agent for CONTROL was more than excited to have the Kleins on board. "They will give us an insight into the inner workings of the mentally ill reprobates we battle daily" Platt told reporters.The invitation came as a surprise amid growing accusations that the Philip Kleins abused a young pomeranian named ‘Lucy 23’. When asked about the incident, the Kleins referred us to a battery of attorneys…who all declined knowing the private detectives.

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Sam the Eagle