BREAKING NEWS!!!! Charlton Heston Passes Away

It is with deep regret that 'we' here at the Eagles Nest announce the passing of a great individual.....Charlton Heston. Mr. Heston died Saturday night at his home with his wife (the ONLY one he ever had) by his side.
A great American, Charlton Heston was an accomplished actor, statesman, and all around 'good guy'. He was awarded the Freedom Medal in 2003.
"They don't make them like that any more," Steven Gaydos, executive editor of Variety Magazine, told BBC television after his death. "People in Hollywood, even if they didn't agree with his politics, respected the guy."
In an interesting sidelight. Renowned 'political consultants', the Philip R. Kleins, announced that Mr. Heston.....though on the short list as John McCain's running mate this November. "Wats deth got to du wit anethin?" the Kleins were reported as saying.
Some sad news for the day
Sam the Eagle