A Special Message From The Editor

Sometimes it is not the crime that is crimed but the coverup of the crime by the person that crimed it.

This Thursday, a hearing will be held involving the lawsuit of Philip Klein and his Various Personalities and Entities v. GOOGLE and the Rest of the World. This hearing is not an ordinary hearing. No it is not. This hearing is to determine if Philip Klein is to be sanctioned for committing a crime.

You see, it is one thing for Philip to spout lies and deceptions on the internet. But telling lies to a judge while you are under oath is a big NO-NO.

§ 37.03. AGGRAVATED PERJURY.  (a) A person commits an
offense if he commits perjury as defined in Section 37.02,
and the false statement:
(1) is made during or in connection with an official
proceeding; and
(2) is material.
(b) An offense under this section is a felony of the third

You see dear readers, Philip told the judge that HE tracked a particular email to the offices of Brent Coon. He told the judge that under oath. He put his hand on the Bible and said that in a court of law. But he lied. He knows he lied. The judge knows he lied. But what's worse, Mr. Coon's attorney knows he lied and has the information to show it.

What will happen you ask? The Judge will decide how to punish Philip for his lie. Mr. Coon's attorney will take this information to the District Attorney. The same District Attorney that Philip doesn't like. The District Attorney (who we like but doesn't like Philip) will then give this information to the nice men and women of the Grand Jury (who don't like Philip either) and then Philip will go to jail and become close friends with a very large man with poor hygiene. (NOTE: You might want to leave the uber-dork glasses at home. They will just make you look cuter.)

Our Take?

Grab some popcorn and a coke. This is going to be good!

LEGAL DISCLAIMER: Brent Coon and Associates, his employees, agents, subcontractors, maids, landscapers, milkmen, mailmen, or the guys in his band, have no connection whatsoever with this website. I did meet Mr. Coon once and thought he was a nice guy but his shirt didn't match his slacks.