The Reviews Are In!

This past February, after New Holland publishing declined to publish it (Imagine That?) Philip hired a printing company to print "Lost at Sea- The Hunt For Patrick Mcdermott". In typical Philip fashion, he promptly formed his own company, Klein Publishing, a Division of Klein Investments, a subsidiary of PRK Enterprises et cetera, et cetera and began his own foray into the world of literature.

The reviews are in and lets see what readers think of Philip's book:


The book has more padding in it than a 12 year old’s bra. If you’re not a professional writer, get somebody to help your ass out.


This author has the writing skills of a monkey. He simply spins the same story we've already heard over and over for what felt like an eternity of a read.

This book is not well written and I honestly couldn't finish it.

Don't waste your time. It's obvious after reading the first couple of pages why this bozo had to self publish.

He has no proof, only the soap opera story he's created in his little mind.

Don't waste your money!

The tedium of the self-gratulating, first-person narrative is matched only by the author's comic-book reasoning and "evidence" that wouldn't hold up in Judge Judy's court.

It is clear the motivation here is money, self notoriety, and not the truth.

Our take?

It's Philip Klein, what did you expect?