Special - From The Editor

Over three years ago - Philip R. Klein, editor, the Southeast Texas Political Review and a host of his other personalities began a legal attempt to uncover the persons responsible for two sites being Operation Kleinwatch and Sam The Eagle. Philip and his attorney failed and failed miserably (which should say something about his private detective skills and claims that he can track people on the internet).

This past week, Philip announced that he was dismissing the lawsuit, claiming among other things that the entire justice system was conspiring against him.

That is another of Philip's lies.

Philip is trying to dismiss his lawsuit because Philip committed Aggravated Perjury. Philip has been committing perjury for years but this time he got caught lying under oath and he knows it. He thinks that by dismissing his lawsuit that he may avoid the consequences of his actions. Eagle attorneys have set a hearing in the suit to address the Aggravated Perjury. We will let Judge Floyd determine what should be done to Philip Klein for lying to the Court.

The District Attorney (who we like and who doesn't like Philip) has the evidence to submit to a Grand Jury. Ultimately, Philip will pay the price for his lies. But it doesn't stop there. No it doesn't.

This past week, Klein attorney, John S. Morgan, was caught committing perjury in another court. You can read portions of the transcript HERE. During the course of the proceedings, Philip sent a threatening email to the Judge which was admitted into evidence by the Judge. That evidence has also been turned over to the District Attorney's office for prosecution. We understand that the District Attorney will be making a statement concerning the prosecution of Philip Klein and Klein attorney John Morgan in the near future....after they have submitted the evidence to a Grand Jury.

Philip Klein has been lying for years. And now it appears that the time has come for Philip Klein to pay the price for all his lies. He will go before a Grand Jury as will his attorney. Then there will be a trial. Then he will go to prison where he will be put in a cell with a large man with poor hygiene who will refer to Philip as "sugar lips".

Bad things happen to bad people and Philip Klein is a bad person.