A Special Message from Sam the Eagle

Today, we all witnessed a tragedy at the Jefferson County Courthouse. A tragedy that cost the life of at least one innocent human being. A tragedy that could have been far far worse but for the heroic actions of law enforcement security officers stationed at the Jefferson County Courthouse.

For years now, Philip Klein has disparaged the decision to assign security officers to the Jefferson County Courthouse:

we believe this courthouse security plan is the most ill deceived plan we have ever seen. In fact, it is embarrassing. [NOTE: I think he meant conceived]

we think that Jefferson County was secure in the beginning. We think that courthouse security was not a problem but is now. It is a waste of government money

Courthouse Security - We know....we are picking on them. But gezzz....when you spend a million you expect? And you get? Please...it is not about us.

Maybe drop a boat, a chopper or courthouse security?

Last - it is time for one elected official on commissioners court to stand up and forget about courthouse security

Then courthouse security - how important is that? Right?

How is that courthouse security and navy looking now?

Let's start with the courthouse security. You know - the same security we have broke not once, not twice but three times now. Oh yes - that story is upcoming. We broke the security again - this time it took us 11 seconds. We are getting better at it.

And you ask us why we get so upset about the PORK IN GOVERNMENT SPENDING IN JEFFERSON COUNTY? Really? Courthouse security is the least of our worries. The LEAST.

I think today we saw that Philip Klein doesn't have a clue.